Oleh: smitdev | Juli 2, 2009

YouTube Downloader Software

YouTube Downloader is a powerful utility that will help you to download your favorite videos from YouTube. YouTube Downloader is an open source software. The application is platform-independent and runs in Windows, Linux, and MacOS. YouTube Downloader is entirely written in Java it requires Java Runtime Environment Standard Edition (JRE SE) installed on your computer. The minimum required Java version is 1.4.

YouTube Downloader Software details:

  • File size: 540 KB
  • Extract video files names from the YouTube website downloading via the command line
  • Multiple downloads during one program session
  • Easy to use graphical user interface
  • Suspending downloads
  • Html format download report
  • Download: YouTube Downloader Software


Download YouTube Downloader Software
Download YouTube Downloader Software


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