Oleh: smitdev | Juli 16, 2010

Tagging Pictures and Sharing Photos with FB

There are a lot of ways to share anything on Facebook (FB). For example, people loves to share some pictures from their Photo Album. You may do tagging pictures to mark your friends on individual photo.
To share photo pictures to your FB Friends and mark them, just do this steps:

  1. Upload your picture.
  2. Browse to open your picture from Photo Album.
  3. Click Share, choose your share target (default is Everyone). Click Share button.
  4. Use the tagging pictures feature to mark your friends. Click Tag This Photo.
  5. Move your cursor and hit your friend face to tag.
  6. Type his/her name, or choose a person from your contact.
  7. Click Tag. Now there is a marked friend. He/she will get the Notification and your picture now included on his/her Photo Album.
  8. Do more tagging picture tasks. Click End Tagging while you’re done.

Pretty easy, right?


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